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Food is Like a Hug

September 19, 2011

For me food is like a hug as I go down memory lane.

I love food.  Every aspect of it — sight, smell, taste.   It’s comforting, satisfying, humbling, rooting, and connecting on every day level.  Over the years I have learned the value of food in a very different way:  simple, clean food can be very gratifying physically and emotionally.  It doesn’t have to be either foam or out of a microwavable box.  Taking the time to cook for yourself and your friends and family should not be a painful ritual.  Simple ingredients from the fridge and pantry can be turned into a wholesome meal.

Food brings back a lot of memories and keeps us rooted.  It gives us comfort in good times and troubled times.  Let’s honor it by cooking with love, savoring our food, and nourishing our families.  And please, don’t forget its source– the people who work hard to bring fresh ingredients to us.  I am thankful to those hands who work tirelessly on farms to bring us this bounty.

My focus in this blog is to bring clean, natural vegetarian food to the table.

Happy and content eaters are my reward!

I am a vegetarian foodie.  I have always loved food as far as I can remember.  The simplicity of wholesome meals always amazes me that how little it takes to create something very satisfying.  I enjoy traveling, nature walks and yoga.



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